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Stations of the Kings Cross

Pilgrimage on the tube

Stations of the Kings Cross
December 9, 2015 admin

Have you ever considered your journey to work as pilgrimage? A young artist shows how we might do so around the London Underground system. She writes:

Stations of the King’s Cross is a little illustrated prayer booklet for following the Way of the Cross (the ancient Christian practice of making a ‘spiritual pilgrimage’ along the final scenes of Christ’s earthly life) while travelling on the tube. Moving clockwise or anti-clockwise on the circle line, there’s one tube stop for each station, ending up at, appropriately, King’s Cross. They contain 14 bold illustrations which were created by intricately cutting single sheets of white paper.

I created and distributed the booklets in time for Lent 2012. I had always found idle train trips a fruitful opportunity for prayer, been deeply moved by this devotion, and thought that other tube-travellers might appreciate this neat idea of combining the two.

The project captured the public imagination, being covered in a number of national papers including The Times, The Catholic Herald, The Catholic Times, as well as being featured in publications in Sweden, Australia, and US, and on BBC Radio.

Booklet requests streamed in from all over the world: In East Timor, a religious brother translated the stations into the Tetun language to use with young people over there; in Cape Town a minister used the stations booklet translated into Afrikaans for a service on Good Friday; in Los Angeles, the stations were adopted by an established ‘Creativity in prayer’ group, and several teachers around the world used the booklets in the classroom.

Free copies of the booklet are available by request through the website, where you can still follow the stations today.

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