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The Two Saints Way

The Two Saints Way
October 20, 2015 admin

The two saints of the title were Werburgh, daughter of a king in the 7th century AD who became a nun and who is associated with Chester Cathedral and Chad, who lived in the same century and was buried at Lichfield Cathedral after a lifetime as a monk and priest, studying first under Aidan at Lindisfarne.

The pilgrimage route between Chester and Lichfield was re-opened in 2012 and follows in part an ancient path trodden by medieval pilgrims.

The 92 mile route can be walked in 4-7 days, and recommended stages are given on the website together with practical advice and contact information including Pilgrims’ Friends. These ‘friends’ are following in the traditions of the medieval Knights Templars who took care of pilgrims’ needs on the pilgrimage routes to Jerusalem. Our modern pilgrims’ friends are ready to help where they can.

The route is clearly marked in each direction by waymarks depicting a goose (associated with Werbergh) for the Lichfield-Chester direction and Chad’s cross for the route from Chester to Lichfield. One advantage of this latter direction is the opportunity for foot-washing by cathedral clergy and staff members at Lichfield Cathedral in the pedilavium which was probably last used by pilgrims in this way nearly 500 years ago.

2014022-Two-Saints-Way-Guidebook-Cover-344x515A comprehensive guide book written by the route’s creator David Pott is available from The Northumbria Community



If you would like to find out more about Two Saints Way, please contact Marg Hardcastle


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